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Wake Up, I've Been Waiting For You

I'm brilliant. Shh.

20 January 1989
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We're Magda Chill cause that's how we roll, on Crunchyroll of course, which if you don't know, then you should. We quote "She's the Man" ALL THE TIME!!!! If you don't like it, don't read it. We're not going to apologize for being us and if you don't understand the genius behind that movie, then we can no longer be friends. Random inserted line: "Your reference to Magda sent a chill down my spine." If you're wondering about the pronoun use of "we" it's because we're two different people, no I don't mean we have multiple personalities, although she could, but not me. If you're confused, well so are we, let's see where it takes us.

I actually think she may have forgotten about this!
and why let a perfectly good lj go to waste?

imma fic dump here i think... kk?

sorry bels if you decide you want to come back, you can... we are adults now, perfectly capable of co-existing on one journal.