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08 February 2011 @ 02:06 am
Prologues, yo.  
 Hmmm, I don't know how to get all fancy with cuts so.... sorry.

Three Prolouges


A/N- I don't know if any of these are worth working out to the conclusion, I'd have to do them one at a time, but I'd love some feedback about them maybe. 

REMEMBER- these are un-proofed, so try to forgive the errors.

YoonFany- It's most likely I will finish this one someday, but any encouragement will fuel my desire to write this before i graduate.

Yoona's eyes were quickly adjusting to the dimly lit streets that made up the outskirts, even in the middle of the night the streets of the city were brightly lit. She pulled her jacket close, not want to leave opportunities for any the many pickpockets that roamed these streets.

It was still early, only eight pm, but she'd rather be early then have to deal with the crowd that would rush the area later. She'd be fine to get her bets in and see if she could find a seat.

She paid her money at the door and stepped slowly to the queue for placing bets. For Yoona it wasn't about the money though, she'd rather gamble her rent money to feel the rush of the fight, then to sit at home enduring the constant numbness of her life. So when she made it to the window where the small, retired housebot took her money and recorded her bet, she bet more than a wise person would have, and took her stubs, her eyes lingering on the booth for a moment longer than she'd admit.

It was smoky and dark, men, women and bots were clearing the arena for he battles about to take place. She felt at home among the outcasts, loners, criminals and common riffraff that frequented this place, betting their last score hoping pad their wallets a little off the fortune and misfortune of some old scrapbots.

Tonight, the star of the show was a retired tankbot, supped-up with some battle friendly enhancements, Yoona'd put all her money on this one, it was all but a sure thing.

Yoona watched as the first battle began, the contender didn't stand a chance, it was ripped apart in mere moments, the violence was unnecessary, a single swing of the tankbot's mace and the other would have been mashed to bits. Yoona knew it was just to get the crowd going, but when the tankbot cut what would have been the head of the old securbot, Yoona felt a tiny part of her wince, that part got smaller and smaller with each visit to the bot battles, but it just wouldn't go away.

Yoona cursed herself, a large man adorned with scantly clad women mistook her expressions of distaste as being directed at him. He dropped the arm of one of his dates, and hurled his half full can of beer at her. She could have dodged the can but why bother, she'd probably just bump another patron and she didn't want to deal with a brawl, she just wanted to watch some bots pummel one and other, and cash out at the end of the night, no problems.

The warm beer drenched her, it felt thick with the man's saliva as she wrung out her hair, but she knew better than show her disgust. She watched as one by one the tankbot took all the other bots out. Some she thought might just stand a chance, but this tankbot anticipated everything.

It was only twelve and there were only two bots left on the board, Yoona turned her head to look at the owner's box, she saw Taecyeon with a grimace on his face, he knew full well that there would be an all out riot if they ran out of bots, she saw his lackeys rushing around presumably trying to call in some debts, to collect some bots.

Another bot was torn apart, one left on the board, the crowd was growing restless, Yoona rose from her seat and walked near the doors, planning to head immediately to the cash-out before she'd find out what was going to unfold in the arena. The last one was taken out faster than anyone expected. But a small bot, that looked like it was barely even modified for the ring, rolled out. Yoona froze, why [i]that[/i] bot?

Yoona couldn't watch her own bot be beaten to bits, bits that she had meticulously collected and cared for. She dashed out to the street, not bothering to collect her winnings, she’d hit her savings for the rent. The street seemed colder, darker, she stopped in an alleyway and collapsed against a wall, remembering how this day came to be. She was struck by a wave of painful emotions that she'd tucked away for so long. She sobbed, as she got lost in the past.

EunTi (EunJung/Tiffany)- This is the shortest and most recent of the three. There is also some one-sided Hara/Fany but that will come later.

She'd never thought too much about it, you know, it was what it was, if you wanted to put a label on it fine, but she didn't. A curious friend once asked when she'd figured it out, when she knew she was different. She'd shrugged it off, she'd always known, but she didn't always know it was different to be like she was. Eunjung was like that, in tuned to the facts not really dwelling on them.

On the other hand Tiffany was an thinker, an over thinker, when it came to little things just as much as the big things, she would constantly waiver over everything until the very last moment. And this sure was a big thing she was dealing with, it went against almost everything she believed in, and then again it didn't. She was confused, she was sure of what she was feeling but not so sure about how she felt about it.

It was winter break, almost two months of freedom from the oppressive days under the strict scrutiny of her peers and professors. Come February, she's be entering her third final year of high school, after which she'd be totally free of the image she'd made for herself for what seemed the most grueling three years of her life.

Tiffany wasn't a Queen bee or anything like that, but it didn't mean that she didn't have to uphold a certain image in her social group. In middle school she'd done more than her fair share of squealing over male idols, but when she got to high school she realized that she didn't actually like these things that the TV shows and magazines had been telling her that she should like. She knew that nothing good would come about her telling her still boy crazed friends this, and she didn't want to put in the effort of finding a new group of friends to fit in with, so she just kept it all to herself.

But as things go, she grew weary of pretending, of hiding, and simply not being honest. So that first Saturday night of her two month holiday, when she responded to Yuri's text, asking if she'd be joining the rest of them for a night of clubbing in Kangnam, with a "not this time," she felt free, shedding the skin she'd long out grown. She was going out that night but everything was going to be of her own accord.

She stepped out of the taxicab, and physically felt her self get slammed by a wave of nervousness. She shuddered momentarily but straightened and smoothed out her pea jacket, she wanted this, she was in control. With this new resolve she strut in to the bar.

TaeNy- Ah, this with an OC, its kind of complicated but I think it might be fun, the pov is gonna change a bit throughout but it will flow, the taeny is entirely invisible right now but there is some evidence of Taeyeon/Kangin and another surprise couple later.

I guess you could say that I began unraveling the what I consider one of the greatest love stories when I was seven years old.

I'd over heard a doctor telling my father that that my mother had a whole in her heart, the day my mother collapsed in our kitchen. My seven year old self, I concluded that all the times that my mother would seemingly complain that she loved me too much were the cause of said hole. I remember it was heavily overcast that day, or at least, it felt that way, I sat in the back seat of the car as my father drove home struggling with the intense guilt and holding in my tears as best I could.

I never ever told my father that I'd blamed myself for years, until I was big enough to understand that you cant love someone too much if they loved you just as much back, and that holes we feel in our hearts aren't the kind that kill us. But now, maybe I don't know that after all.

When I was on break after my first semester at university, I'd headed down to Jeonju to stay with my grandparents for a few weeks, I rarely got to see them living in Seoul, with my father. They missed me, and they missed their daughter, and I was, in a way, their connection to her. I'd thought it was selfish of them, being young and wanting to spend the break carefree with my friends in the city, but you can't really blame them for wanting to be a part of my life.

Stepping down to the platform of the KTX I grumbled to myself, about Jeonju, being nothing more that a podunk little town that barely deserved to be called a city. But then I saw my grandmother, it was striking how much she resembled my mother, even my bratty self could appreciate that my maternal grandparents were my rare link to learning about my mother.

"Ah-young!" they called, beckoning me over with warm smiles. "My, how you've gown," my grandmother said holding my by the shoulders and examining me.

I'd been to my grandparent's many times in my life, but, i'd never had this kind of extended stay before. I was not so much nervous, just afraid that there'd be nothing to do and I'd spend my weeks of freedom being bored out in the country with a couple of old people.

Luckily for me, that was not the case, and in the end I was wishing for more time to spend with my grandparents, my grandmother in particular.

My grandmother was a vibrant person she loved to talk and tell stories to me about my mother, she wished desperately for me to get to know her as best I could, so for the duration of my stay she would arrange for me to do the chores with her and she'd just tell me a sorts of stories about my mother when she was young.

After I'd been there for a week, my grandmother took me out to her flowerbed to week and letdown some mulch. "Ah-young, did you father ever tell you the story of how they came to be married?"

"Uh-uh," I shook my head, my father had never told me and I'd never bothered to ask. When I was young my mother would always sing love songs to me, with a smile plastered on her face, songs about finding that one person that made your life complete, songs about staying together forever, and I believed her, I believed she was deeply and forever in love with my father.

"That, my dear, is a story you must know," My grandmother began the narrative that would shake every thing I believed about my parent's marriage and relationship.

"When Taeyeon was about, your age, maybe a little older, she announced that she was going to Seoul, saying that she'd written in and was offered a job writing for radio shows. She'd seemed estatic, she was always writing, scribbling things down on little pads, or on her computer, that girl, she had something to say, something to tell the world.

"But your grandfather, was anything but pleased at the news, and told her she could not go. That she was to stay in Jeonju and help run the shop, and there'd be no discussing it.

"Your mother was determined to get to the city, and she left that night. Your grandfather doesn't know this but before she'd left, I'd found her, and given her a million won to get her self settled." She looked up from the pile of weeds, and smiled at me, "If my baby was going to go off to the city alone, I'd rather toss and turn knowing she could afford some place to sleep, than be completely in the dark.

"She was gone for four years, after the first month she called, and she call every week, she even came back for Chuseok the following years, but I never will know what exactly happened then. In those four years, Taeyeon grew up, she must have experienced the most blissful joys but she'd seen some dark pains, some of that spark in her had gone out.

"There's not much else to say about it, the day, her father called and told her that she needed to come back she did, and when he set her up with Young-Woon, she'd gone along with it without a fuss."

Now, that's not how I pictured it at all, I did know that my parent's had been set-up, but so had everyone else's, but I never thought that my mother had just settled for him.

That night sitting in the room that my mother once called hers, I decided to poke around in the bits of her that remained. I grabbed a step stool and dug around in the closet. In the dust I saw an ancient looking computer and pulled it down and blew at the layers of dust that made it look fuzzy. Behind where the computer had sat there was a box, I gently pulled the box from the shelf on which it had lay untouched for probably at least as many years as I'd been alive.


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